#HelpingYouWork - Workplace mental health

#HelpingYouWork - Workplace mental health

By Judith Griessel - Mental health in the workplace is an issue of increasing importance to employers and employees alike

South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Classified as a mood disorder, people mostly associate depression with sadness, loss of pleasure in daily activities, social isolation and feelings of worthlessness. Yet, aside from affecting how a person feels and behaves, depression also influences thinking. New South African research involving over 1 000 employed/previously employed workers or managers in the country now proves depression is not just a bad mood.

Mental health in the workplace

Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression, the leading cause of disability, with many of these people also suffering from symptoms of anxiety.

Mental health and the world of work: a comparative analysis of the legal frameworks governing categories of mental health conditions

Mental health conditions such as depression are common in the world of work. Despite having been a significant concern for centuries already, these conditions are becoming particularly prevalent in modern society and workplaces across the globe. Although they affect the legal realm in many different areas, mental health conditions are often misunderstood and inappropriately dealt with from a legal perspective.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Coping with Depression and Anxiety

Workplace stress can lead to mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Continue reading to learn how to manage stress at work and get help for mental health issues.


#HelpingYouWork - Neurodiversity is good for business

Neurodiverse people often have higher-than-average abilities - some conditions, including autism and dyslexia, can bestow special skills in pattern recognition, memory, or mathematics.

Facing the taboo of mental health in the legal profession - Raconteur

High-pressured jobs in the legal profession can take their toll, but firms are beginning to take the mental health of staff more seriously

Workplace mental health is being pushed to top of the agenda

As understanding of its issues and complexities increases, workplace mental health is finally becoming more of a priority.