#HelpingYouWork - Marketing your personal or business brand

#HelpingYouWork - Marketing your personal or business brand

By Judith Griessel - A collection of articles and tips from marketing experts about the newest trends for business marketing or to promote your personal brand online.

Back To Basics: 5 Branding And Design Tools | Digital Butter

A successful company requires a strong, authentic and refined brand. This requires much deliberation and time. However, there are many branding tools and software that can help your brand achieve the visibility it needs in order to stand out while saving you time and energy.

4 Easy Layout Ideas To Lift Your Social Media Game | Digital Butter

We all know the importance of quality content creation but how much effort do you put into the layout of your social media posts?

mWords - Strategic LinkedIn Training | Content Marketing - Melbourne

At mWords we specialise in content marketing, copywriting and strategic LinkedIn training workshops for professionals and business owners. Attract and connect with more of your ideal customers, and position yourself as an expert in your industry by providing value, not a sales pitch.

Mary Henderson - Personal Branding Specialist | Online Business Expert - Blog

I speak to 'C' Suite executives everyday and I consistently see a pattern - a cookie cutter approach that is coming to an end. Unless, you are happy to retire at 50, then this post is of no value to you, but for most, retiring at 50 is not an option.

5 Things Your Email Subject Lines Are Missing - Marketo

How do you write email subject lines that cut through the noise? After thousands of tests, we came to these 5 conclusions.

LinkedIn Growth Hacking - 9 Hacks To Boost Reach and Get More Users

You’re manually connecting with a bunch of people each day, writing a lot of posts, but, guess what! You get 2 - 5 likes per post and reach of 200 - 300 people. In this article, we're going to see 9 great linkedin growth hacks no one wants you to know!

Six points to consider when creating a campaign

Why would any user stop, take notice and act on your call to action? Because they trust your brand, says Zubeida Goolam, co-founder and creative partner at BRANDTRUTH//DGTL. Goolam says that this trust is built on a brand`s credible and constant visibility.

Are you an influencer? Then you may well need to be a follower.

Where Paid Advertising reasonably appears to be the unsolicited opinion of the influencer, then the material must be clearly identified as paid advertising.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Headline - Digital Butter | Social Media

Optimise your LinkedIn headline! Your headline is a great way to differentiate yourself and can help you get more of the business you're looking for.

How to rebrand: 19 Questions to Ask Before You Start

Companies will at some point come to that milestone known as “the rebrand.” For some, it happens early on once they’ve discovered who they really are while with others, it occurs after many years of having grown (or outgrown) their brand.

Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts - Which Is Best? | Digital Butter

When it comes to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, there are two ways to go about it: Boosted posts and Facebook ads.

5 Free Instagram Apps To Improve Your Feed's Look & Feel For 2020 | Digital Butter

If you’re looking for easy ways to make your Instagram feed look better then these 5 free Instagram apps are definitely for you!

The Best Instagram Hashtag Guide for 2020 | Digital Butter

In this Instagram Hashtag Guide we explain topics like the magic number of hashtags to use in your posts, where you should put your hashtags...

The Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategy For 2019

There are massive opportunities on LinkedIn right now.  It?s available for everyone but especially for those in B2B ? here?s why I think it?s probably the most important marketing channel in 2019:  LinkedIn started as a site for people looking to g...

Better Business Relationships Start with Better Content Marketing

Content marketing is a tool in your arsenal for building effective business relationships. But like any tool, it?s not going to be useful to you if you don?t use it efficiently.


WHAT DOES A COMPANY, EMPLOYEE & PERSONAL BRAND HAVE IN COMMON Mary is an internationally recognised Personal Branding & Online Business Expert. Mary helps Se...

How To Rebrand: 19 Questions to Ask Before You Start

How to rebrand? is a question companies face at one point. Fast Company blogger & award-winning rebrand specialist David Brier shows how.

How to Write Articles Editors Love and Will Publish

There is no better way to become an authority figure in your industry than to have your thoughts published in a highly credible publication. Being viewed as a source for your industry makes doing business easier.

Creating a LinkedIn Profile - Rapid Mentoring

The Rapid Mentoring tips and hits to setting up your own professional LinkedIn Profile. Take charge of your personal brand

Megan Edwards: Your 'handshake' on LinkedIn

Are you a BONE-CRUSHER? A LIMP FISH? ⬆️ In this example ⬆️ I'm talking about handshakes. But it also applies to your LinkedIn content. Like most of you, I've shaken hands with 1000s of people in my life. In my business, I 'shake hands' with 1000s of LinkedIn identities. The content that makes a GREAT IMPRESSION is not just: ☛ POLISHED by a professional ☛ PACKED with keywords ☛ PUSHED to an audience It's content that ADAPTS. Like those people in your network who know how to ADJUST their handshake to MATCH who they're meeting. I suspect women especially will know what I mean when I say it is NOT NECESSARY OR VALUABLE to receive a bone-crushing handshake. ✅Firm, yes. ❌Death-grip, no. In the same way, it's NOT NECESSARY OR VALUABLE to your audience to deliver the same approach to content over and over ignore the changing environment. -- eg -- A year ago, VIDEO was king, queen, the whole royal family - it dominated! Now it's still big but not always the top performer. -- 👑-- If you want to succeed on LinkedIn: watch your feed, your network, your data BE AN ADAPTER!

Belinda Aramide - My Guide To Building A Powerful Presence on LinkedIn

At the end of 2017, I logged onto LinkedIn looking to spruce up my online 'resume' whilst looking for work. Little did I know the platform had completely changed. People were interacting with one another, sharing content and launching speaking careers from the connections they were making here. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew I wanted a piece of the opportunities that so many others seemed to be getting. So I started paying attention. Today, this is a full-fledged strategy, but when *I* started out using LinkedIn, like many other early adopters, I was just feeling around in the dark. I came up with this framework at the beginning of 2019 after being repeatedly asked 'how I did it' (grow such an engaged following on LinkedIn). This article gives you a 10,000-foot view answer to that question. There are many more aspects to consider when it comes to LinkedIn strategy and growth but implementing the following is a fantastic place to start.