#HelpingYouWork - Why workplace diversity is good for business

#HelpingYouWork - Why workplace diversity is good for business

By Judith Griessel - When people of different ethnicities, (dis)abilities and with different experiences in life and in societies come together, it drives innovation.

The business case for diversity is now overwhelming. Here's why

It's more than good optics. Research shows that diversity fosters innovation, improves the bottom line and even helps with recruitment.

31 Articles About Diversity In The Workplace That Will Get You Inspired | Built In

Diversity and inclusion may be the two most important topics facing the tech industry in 2019, but even still it can be difficult to find helpful information on the subject matter. We can help with that.

7 Biggest Diversity Issues in The Workplace - ThisWayGlobal - AI for Talent Acquisition and Sourcing

As the workplace becomes more diverse, more issues arise accordingly. For this reason, we’ve created a list of the biggest diversity issues in the workplace

What Diversity Looks Like in the Workplace

Diversity isn’t just a moral issue. There is a business case that can be made for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. From recruitment to mentoring, human resources has a main role in the strategy.

4 Common Diversity And Inclusion Myths In The Workplace

As organizations scramble to more fully and substantively embrace D&I, it’s critical to fully understand and counteract these 4 pervasive myths that so often inhibit true progress.


#HelpingYouWork - Neurodiversity is good for business

Neurodiverse people often have higher-than-average abilities - some conditions, including autism and dyslexia, can bestow special skills in pattern recognition, memory, or mathematics.

The Dangers Of Mistaking Diversity For Inclusion In The Workplace

Some organizations add a few women or people of color to a leadership team and feel they’ve checked the box and can return to business as usual. That mentality is naïve, misguided and truly dangerous because there are real risks associated with focusing on diversity and largely ignoring inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices to Focus on in 2020

Diversity and inclusion are some of the main priorities for today's employers. Here are some of the best practices to follow.


#HelpingYouWork - Disability in the workplace

By Judith Griessel - Links to articles, legislation, resources and other information relating to disability in the workplace

From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace

At the New Rules Summit, hosted by The New York Times, participants working in groups proposed changes to create equitable environments in the workplace. Here are the topics, quotations from group leaders and takeaways.